Today starts the international science camp 2016 in Halle (Saale). International, because there are members from many different countries, for example from Turkey, America, German, also some members are refugees.
All of us were very excited about the meeting because of the different languages. But explaining words with our hands and feet we made ourselves understandable.
After an introduction which helped us getting to know each other, we were put in some scientific groups. There was a group of medicine – the body and technic, some of us will deal with invisible plants – green aliens, also there is a team named “renewable energies” and last of all our group, the one dealing with water.
Because it was the first day we played some games to know each other a bit better, before we started to make our one hay infusion. For this we searched for natural materials like leaves, grass or of course also water. We want to find out if there are other species in the hay infusion which was made with tab water or in the one, made with pond water.
After making our one we started to look after the hay infusion, our group leader made three weeks ago for us, under the microscope in teams of two. Unfortunately, not every group was able to find one of the species.
Now we are going to have some free time, but we’re really excited about the next days!

Your Science Camp members