The last evening was great. At first we played “knowing each other better games” with ice cream (pictures and a video will follow…). Then we were sitting around a campfire and sang German and Arabic songs together. Cultural exchange in high extent.
The second day started with having breakfast together. After that the workshops continued. One group visited a small wind turbine and built solar cookers and wind turbines made of daily used things like paper, glass and aluminium foil. With the help of the solar cookers we tried to make a very tasty fondue with grapes and musch musch (Arabic for apricot) …. unsuccessfully :-D.
The other group started with a trip to the hospital Martha Maria where we were introduced in different techniques of physical therapy. We were also allowed to see the neurological station and the machines for e.g. air conditions or heating in the cellar. Back in the villa we dissected hearts of pigs for comparing the real heart of the pig with a model of a human heart.
With the help of a bottle and a cardboard box the water workshop made a water lamp. Then we did a fieldtrip to the river Saale for fetching water for analysing it. After lunch a few students visited a water mill in Krosigk.
During this group learned something about the function of a water mill, the Neophyts (members of the “Invasive Plants” workshop) visited the botanical garden. There they looked for invasive plants and how they can live next to native plant species. After that they got an ice cream because it was very warm today….
The highlight of the day was the evening program: at first we played our so called “international volleyball game” – everything was allowed, nothing was forbidden – followed by a pedal-powered cinema!! Nine kids had to cycle so the film “WALL-E” was running. If anybody of the kids became tired, someone replaced the driver.