On Wednesday it was very rainy. Some of us visited organisations or institutions and some us stayed at the Villa to do experiments.
Some kids of the water group visited the zoological collection of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg to learn something about the adaptation of animals to water. It was really interesting and sometime scary to stand next to a huge bear. After that we knew why some animals have webs or why the fell has sometimes special characteristics. Other kids tried to build a water wheel out of wood or to understand the “helpfulness” of water regulation. Therefor they created an artificial, natural river.
The Neophyts explored the nearby wood in Heide. After a few minutes we were very wet and our instructor asked a few time if we want to go back to the Villa. Everybody of us wanted to stay (except our instructors :D). We learned more about the reasons why the German red oak and the American red oak can grow at the same places and at the same time. After a 2 hour walk we were back at the Villa, wet but happy.
The kids of the human body workshop stayed at the Villa to do more experiments. They dissected lungs of porks to understand the blood circulation and the function of a lung. To see how huge a lung is, they put in the bronchi tubes and blow air in the lung. It was amazing to see how the lungs unfold. Also Syrian kids build joints with the help of chalk, oil and wax.
Last but not least, the energy workshop visited the technical college Merseburg. At first they got an insight in a daily life of a student at this college. After that they participated in a LEGO-Workshop. The exercise was to think about what a robot can or shall do and then to build and program a LEGO robot. Some robots played soccer, other robots brought a thing from A to B.
In the afternoon we learned Arabic and Turkish dances. The most of us were too shy to dance with the Turkish and Syrian guys, but our instructors were very talented :-D.
The third day is over, two days are left. We will see what happened tomorrow…

Your Science Camp members